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Dr Gil Ariely, Chief Knowledge Officer, Senior researcher ICT, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya, Israel
Futures of virtual spaces for higher education in the government sector – immersive learning and knowledge exchange

Alastair Blyth, Analyst, OECD
Universities as place-makers in cities and regions

Pablo Campos (Utoplan), Aggregate Professor University CEU, San Pablo, Madrid, Spain
An innovative concept for the transformation of universities and their relation to cities: the “Educational Campus” | Additional information

Christin Cave, OECD and Krists Avots, University of Latvia
Student experience: A view from the ground

Luis Delgado, Deputy Director General of Modernization & Promotion of University-based Research
Directorate General of International Relations, Ministry of Education, Spain Spanish Program: “International Campus of Excellence”

Prof. Alan Freeman
Vilnius University Old Campus Preservation Plan

Jaime de la Garza, Architect, Instituto Nacional de la Infraestructura Física Educativa, Mexico
The Knowledge City: UACJ New Campus

Wayne Head, Architect Director, BDP and Chris Harding, Director, BDP, UK
Innovative approaches to the design of Higher Education learning environments | Additional information

Colin Moses, Architect, RMJM
Fusion facilities – emerging mixed use buildings for teaching and learning – case study examples from the UK and US

Prof. Indrikis Muižnieks, Vice Rector, University of Latvia and Uģis Šēnbergs
Development of the University of Latvia Campus in Riga city environment | Additional information

Gabrielle Muris, Managing Director RDM Campus, and Bert Hooijer, MSc, Director of Education in Research RDM Campus, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
RDM Campus: an innovative learning and working environment in the Port of Rotterdam | Additional information | Youtube video

Suvi Nenonen, Senior Researcher, The Aalto University, Finland
The role of space in the 21st Century University - Learning from the Design Factory at the Aalto University

Hideki Takami, Deputy Director, National Facilities Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan
Prioritised and Systematic Improvement of the Facilities for National Universities in Japan

Professor John Worthington, co-founder of DEGW
Universities in their Cities: collaborations and conflicts

Dr. Zhou Zhong, Institute of Education, Tsinghua University, China
Cross-regional University Partnerships in China’s Western Development


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